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Hello!Visceral Fat is real and you need to deal with it or it will deal with you!

Visceral fat invades your abdominal cavity and influences how hormones function in the body , in particular, cortisol your stress hormone. Excess amounts have dangerous consequences. Forming close to your vital organs like your pancreas,liver and intestines put you at risk for type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

Current updated visceral fat levels should between 9-13 any higher you need to make immediate changes in diet and lifestyle. Added risks of high visceral fat include: high blood pressure,stroke,breast and colorectal cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Got your attention?

How do you remove visceral fat?

1. Combine proper amounts of resistance and cardiovascular exercise.

2. Diet should include: lean proteins,fruits and vegetables,complex carbohydrates(sweet potatos,beans and Whole unprocessed grains) Boil,steam,bake or grill meals to make them healthier and less fat.

3. Lower stress levels ( sleep 7-8 hours ) this is key lack of proper sleep elevates cortisol levels.

Its wise to seek professional help to check and help lower this unseen major cause of chronic disease. You can look lean on the outside but fat and sick on the inside. Visit to setup free Full body scan that may save your life!

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