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“The IT Crowd”

Follow this guide to sort out aches caused by strained iliotibial band and get legs ready for anything

1. Where does it hurt? If you punish or are planning to punish your legs then pain will emerge on outside of either leg usually during exercise, around the hip and back of the knee but it can creep up on you after intense or long duration activity. This pain is most noticeable while bending knees going down steps.

2. Sounds like IT band syndrome!

Don’t call EMS 😟. This this non-elastic collagen cord stretches from pelvis to your knee and it normally sits there trouble free but repetitive hip and knee movement such as running can cause it to rub the knobby bit of your knee.

3. Don’t Worry you don’t need surgery

when pain strike stop apply RICE method ( rest ,ice,compression,elevation) Again repetitive movement is root cause so rest at least 14 days. No exercise!!!

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