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Success Stories


Mature Man's Portrait

I learned how to use the 10 commandments of eating to eliminate BP meds and personal max exercise to prevent falling
James Herrle  82


I had Rheumatoid arthritis in both hands and in 2 weeks simple diet change cured it!

woman 3

I am  extremely pleased that my blood sugar is stable, lost inches, and lost 8% fat in 4 weeks

Smiling Mature Woman with Gray Hair

Used cane,no cane,hard to get into the car,easier now,couldnt do housework,now i can !

Older M-F couple with glasses

Rick Delarosa , founder of Blamelessbodyfitness,is an outstanding healthy lifestyle coach. He has highly developed skills and great rapport with his cleints.  He is dedicated to his craft and his methods help me lose fat and build muscle.  I have more energy and stamina

Male Portrait

Within 3 months, I lost 58lbs of fat and gained 26 lbs of muscle. Im looking and feeling great!

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea

 I lowered my cholesterol and increased my HDL learning the  10 commandments of eating habit system.  Anyone can do this program becuase its customized to your age and condition. 

woman 12

Thank you so much for your lifestyle routine that equipped me to continue on my own.

man 7

Most important, I learned proper eating habits no dieting.  I use to drink 4-6 cans of pop and now Im pop free for the last 3 months.  I lost 17lbs of fat using his personal max method that kicks your butt within your fitness level.

Success Stories: Testimonials
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