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2024 Exercise Guidelines!

Clearly, 150 minutes of cardio exercise will prevent a number of chronic diseases: Heart disease,high blood pressure,high cholesterol, stroke, type2 diabetes, metabolic disease, colon cancer and depression,says Judith Regen Steiner.

2024 Basic Exercise Guidelines:

  • 150 -300 min moderate intensity cardio or 75-150 min vigorous Intensity

  • 1-2 strength training sessions /wk.

  • Circuit training combines cardio and resistance training benefits in one complete package in less time. Benefits: Lowers blood pressure and sugar levels, increases bone density, tension creates new growth muscle ,tendon and bone tissue, helps lower visceral fat that triggers most chronic diseases.

So, go it alone and try to follow trends or seek professional degreed fitness professionals! I have over 33 years experience. I prescribe a measurable customized nutrition and exercise program to help prevent,treat and cure chronic disease, improve overall fitness, sports specific training or injury care and prevention of any age group especially seniors! Let’s talk @ take a free test drive 🙏💪

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