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4 Things that affect your weight and how to fix it!

Testosterone levels drop from age 30 onwards. It helps build muscle, fuel's metabolism, maintains insulin sensitivity to help prevent type 2 diabetes. When your T tank is low, your body slows down. Hence, low testosterone makes it easier to store fat, and excess body fat lowers testosterone levels.

1. "aerobic exercise activates your heart muscle by breathing heavy by sprinting or lifting heavy weights significantly increased testosterone levels in overweight and obese men based on a study from Tsukuba University and Ryutsu Keizai University in Japan discovered. "

Fill your plate with foods like olive oil, avocados,egg yolks and nuts helps you boost your testosterone levels. Research In Journal of Applied Physiology found that people who ate higher amounts of monounsaturated fats saw larger boosts in their t-stores.

Stress levels and sleep habit levels left unattended, cause T-levels to drop. However; getting proper sleep will help you keep what you already have, according to research in the," Journal of Sports Science and Medicine."

2. Less muscle equals more fat. If you don't build more muscle, you will lose about 5lbs of muscle by age 40. Add at least 1lb of muscle you will burn 🔥 50 more calories per day.

3. On top of muscle loss, your fat burning engine needs a tuneup. Limit your intake and try eating 6 small meal's instead of 3 meals.

4. Aches and pains detail workouts. Flexibility decreases in your 30s, not only because you in an office chair for hours everyday, but also many of the activities you do- running,weightlifting even basketball don't call for a full range of motion. The muscle actually shortens both muscle and connective tissue," says Brent Feland, Ph.D; an aging and flexibility researcher at Brigham Young University. Bone loss and joint problems arise also! The fix, Yoga requires full range of motion. Bike riding 3x/wk significantly improved pain relief. Strength training tops the list of bone salvation. My personal favorite, foam rolling really release tight muscle and connective tissue.

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