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Alcohol: Calorie-Laden Saboteur alcohol 🥃

This is not anti-alcohol just take closer look before you indulge! “ National Cancer Institute states any intake increases cancer risk. Any intake over 10 grams per day, and the risk increases by 7%”. The liver filters all alcohol, which is then processed through the bloodstream then to kidneys as waste. In addition, most Americans “hide” their consumption in many ways. As fitness pros, we’ve seen people starve all day then slam several drinks at the bar after work and wonder why weight is not coming off?

Research is very clear that consuming more than 1 drink per day in women and 2 drinks for men will result in weight gain! A solution would be to set goal limit reduce amount per day for time frame your willing to shoot for and have an accountability partner to monitor. In other words, small change approach is how we do it @

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