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ANDROPAUSE ( 2020 update on male testosterone decline)

Making small sustainable nutritional adjustments and proper exercise medicine may slow the decline and boost male testosterone. As we age,T levels tend to dip in: in bed ( poor libido),mood,possible heart disease,prostate cancer risk and overall energy level. It’s enough to put you on the endangered species list! However; radio and tv are filled with ads about boosting testosterone! I just want to show you an easier way to navigate toward better over health by boosting testosterone based on proven drug free method because they work when put into practice.

Nutrition plays key role. For example, excess body fat, not body weight,”can increase conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which can lead to an unfavorable testosterone-to-estrogen ratio” pg. 434 Dr. John Berardi,PhD. Males who are over fat can experience sleep disruptions and poor sleep quality, which is also associated with lower testosterone levels. Manage body fat! Lower calorie, lower healthy fat, and high sugar diets tend to decrease testosterone levels. You are what eat !

Key step forward is get enough clean lean protein ( organic and local ) and healthy fat while minimizing processed sugar intake.

All types of exercises count to increase testosterone. Both endurance and resistance ( weight lifting or body weight ) will improve T levels. According to Dr Schroeder, WebMd, resistance training has biggest impact. For further details and a customized game plan visit fill out contact page and sign up for free blog subscription.

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