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Coronavirus drives insomnia!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

It’s safe to say that coronavirus is disrupting sleep worldwide! Because of the pandemic many are suffering from added stress, and that’s causing sleep loss.” Coronasomnia”as it’s coined, just adds to the decline in health and makes it more opportunistic for our immune system breakdown opening the door to disease.

Just as diet and exercise are important to overall health, so is sleep; each influences the others. As I would tell my cleints, quality sleep dictates your total outcome from the invested time you spend pursuing better health or preventing, treating or curing most chronic disease. Due to the pandemic our circadian rhythms have been disrupted as we are forced indoors and less time exercising. However; exercise is the solution or medicine for preventing and treating this coronasomnia. Exercise is the perfect sleep aid when done right! We need to be moving more during the day. Vigorous,moderate, or even mild daytime exercise such as walking,biking, and even household chores indoor and out stimulates,” adenosine which builds the need to sleep. Thus, any day time activity will improve sleep. “ ( Mathers/Darwin). Our body temperature naturally declines at night signaling us to sleep and one of the most beneficial things is exercise because it causes body temperature to rise producing the “adenosine affect” works with your body’s natural circadian rhythm and helps promote sleepiness.

Here’s the prescription! First, don’t exercise an hour before bed that can disrupt and even cause anxiety in some people. Second, some forms of exercise are better than others when it comes to promo better sleep. Cardiovascular exercise seems to work best like walking, jogging, swimming and biking etc… Third, strength training, such as push-ups,pull-ups, squats etc will exhaust your muscles, enhancing sleep quality of deep restorative sleep that gives you that pep in your step. Fourth, you need the right exercise prescription for both to improve sleep so get expert accountability. I do suggest getting a sleep study rule out needing traditional medicine intervention to diagnose sleep disorder to cover all the bases!

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