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Culture TASTE Food

Embracing new foods create experiences that can help you reach your goal with less focus on fad diets, macro/ micro nutrient and calorie counting just refocus on mindful eating, culture and taste!

Think about what I term (meal spins) using the following veggie,herb and spice combinations:

1. Indian: garlic,onion,curry powder,cinnamon.

2. Asian: garlic,scallions,sesame,ginger,soy sauce

3. Italian: garlic,basil,parsley,oregano

4. Middle Eastern: garlic, onion,mint,cumin,saffron,lemon

5. Mexican: cumin,onion,oregano,cilantro.

Savor your food meaning slow down, listen,smell and actually chew your food 9-10 times too taste it😋. We enjoy food more and eat less.

Part 2 : Raise hunger awareness,trying new food habit process,make bad foods less familiar,mindful eating tips too think about food differently can help you turn the corner. Coming up!

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