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Do you know the impact good fats have on your health?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Most you know their are different types fat, and some actually promote health so you just have to choose wisely. “ Fat is essential to your health because it supports a number of your body’s functions. Some vitamins,for instance,must have fat to dissolve so that they may be used by your body “ Some dietary fat causes cardiovascular disease and increased body fat inside out leading to excess weight gain linked to poor overall health.

Current evidence ,which you probably already know,suggest it’s smart to focus on healthy fats

1. Monounsaturated fatty acids. This type of fat is found in variety of foods and oils. Studies show that these types of fat improve blood cholesterol, which can decrease risk of heart disease and prevent type 2 diabetes!

2. Polyunsaturated fatty acids. Found in plant -based food and oils. Same benefits as monounsaturated fatty acids.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids. Heart healthy, decreases the risk of coronary artery disease. Best source is fish: salmon,tuna,trout,mackerel,sardines,and herring. Plant based options include flax seed( ground), oils(canola,flaxseed,soybean),and nuts and other seeds(walnuts,butter nuts and chia seeds). Do forget ! Brain food is the new frontier everyone must know, “ Before you eat that steak with French fries, here’s food for thought: Research suggests that what we eat may impact our ability to remember and the likelihood of developing dementia as we age “. Red meat is loaded with saturated fat that raises blood levels of ldl cholesterol as well as trans fats do the same thing. Pay attention to this!!! “ A gene called apolipoprotein E or APOE. This gene is associated with the amount of cholesterol in your blood, and people with a variation of this gene, called APOE e4 are at greater risk for Alzheimer’s disease“. As a Medical Fitness pro, I coach my cleints on this and other lost in shuffle nutrition pillars that are covered in the 10 commandments of eating. For details visit

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