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Eat Away Anxiety!

Eat your fruits and vegetables! I remember not being able to leave the table until I did. Funny how that rings so true now. You don’t have poor brain function unless your lacking proper brain food because food is medicine and brings with it good side effects way safer than drugs! “ Dr Case Adams, writes, “ Depression medications might boost some neurotransmitters,but often with side effects; blurred vision,change in appetite, constipation, diarrhea,urination problems,dizziness,drowsiness,dry mouth,headaches,increased sweating,nausea, ringing in the ear( tinnitus) tremors,insomnia,upset stomach,muscle weakness, wt loss or gain.

Natural strategies for boosting moods fighting depression with few if any negative effects. In a 2019 study from the U.K.s University of Manchester analyzed 16 human trials totaling 45,826 volunteers. They found that improving nutritional quality of the diet and increasing fruit and vegetable intake significantly decreased symptoms of depression.”

There is a psychological power in fruits and vegetables that has always existed but until you try it you will never know! Do you still think you parents or grandparents where right?

In my Blamelessbody Routine I teach habit strategy to improve your diet to fit your needs diets don’t work for life ! Visit sign up for a free 10 commandments of eating checkup.

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