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Exercise is Diabetic Medicine!

The exercise benefits explain medicinal benefits:

  1. Exercise improves blood sugar control. Exercising muscles use glucose for energy, taking it out of your blood stream and lowering your blood sugar levels

  2. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity! Type-2 diabetics who exercise regularly need less insulin to move glucose from the blood stream into the cells that need it.

  3. Exercise reduces the need for medication. Combined with healthy eating and regular exercise can reduce -or even eliminate your meds for glucose lowering medication.

  4. Exercise reduces cardiovascular risks. Diabetes has negative effects on heart health, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. But exercise reduces these risks by improving cholesterol levels, blood flow, increasing your hearts pumping power, and reducing blood pressure.

  5. Physical activity can help you lose fat and reduce your risk of peripheral artery disease and nerve damage often associated with diabetes!

Visit to add the faith based component and you have healing and new life drug free!

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