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Fat loss is inside out! Meaning everyone hates excess fat outside but inside fat can kill!

As I mentioned on a previous blog, visceral fat is and should be the next frontier. It causes a majority of the chronic disease today, type 2 diabetes,heart disease, high cholesterol to name a few but why have we been so fixated on the outside? Looks? I get it but health should be main priority. Since you can’t out train a bad diet, simply controlling portion size,tracking food to find weak spots to tweak and eating more frequent small meals is the best way short and most important long term. Enough said! So why can’t you just try it and see what happens? It works if you do it .

Combined with short intense total body workouts 3x/wk along with some hitt or pace cardio sessions twice in between rest on weekends is a good solid start for further coaching tweaks visit 🙏🏻 To get 💪

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