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Most of you probably did not decide to change your diet and exercise because you wanted to get a fit immune system. Right? No one has ever ask me that! But now things have changed and it forced me to look at food and exercise as medicine more than ever, and I do not hear much talk about this amidst the Covid -19 crisis intervention recommendations. Let’s just look at what your immune system is and how it works to begin to understand how to support my claim. A healthy immune system responds to disease-causing elements like allergens,bacteria,fungi,parasites,and cancerous cells providing your body with proper defenses invading illnesses, and even though Covi-19 is new, it’s still an invading illness. “Three key components work together to keep you well and healthy: physical barriers,innate immune system,adaptive immune system. The skin and mucous membranes protect external body and on internal organs. The respiratory,urinary,digestive,and reproductive tracts are covered with mucous membranes that prevent foreign objects from entering. The innate system basically white blood cells that travel throughout the body to find and attack Antigens ( foreign invaders). The adaptive system will rise up and fight when your innate system is overwhelmed. This system will fight using B and T cells that replicate massively to fight mutated invader. “( This three layer protection system makes up your immune system. However; exercise can strengthen your immune system by stimulating and regenerating the physical,innate,and adaptive components of the immune system but you’re immune system also needs help from the lymphatic system,cardiovascular system,and respiratory system to properly do its many jobs. What specific type of exercise medicine can you take? Rebounding or jumping!

The forces created by acceleration and deceleration stimulates immune system by uniquely jumpstarting lymphatic flow of immune cells throughout the body. Their are many ways to jump other than using a rebound device. You can use bosu ball,mats,grass,sand etc to incorporate into your exercise for proper application do your homework or visit ask for help!

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