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Get Outside Yourself!

As covid try’s to relentlessly imprison us, we hear of hope coming soon but in the meantime, exercise outside🏋️‍♀️or 🚶🏻‍♂️! Most of you already know that this pandemic has heightened stress and depression to historic levels but the major benefit of exercise has always been a mental health booster. “ You get a double benefit when exercising in nature,” Dr. Selhub says. Walking in the wild is like putting a drop of morphine in your brain, in which the stress response is turned down along with stress hormones, and feel good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins increase. Hopefully this finally sinks in and for those of you who don’t like outdoor activity then find some space in doors. Dr. Selhub says , and we know that inflammation is highly connected to a downward mood. In short exercise your way out of this temporary lockdown. By the way, immune system always strengthens with a healthier lifestyle so get help if your not sure. Get a free fitcheck tuneup visit

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