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You have to build muscle to burn fat and frankly willingness to put max effort will determine if and when this happens.

Why? because your body will stay the same or decline if it has no reason to change (plateau) That’s exactly why you see no change, of course, your diet plays the biggest factor. Right ? I’ve said it a million times “ You reap what you sow”

I get it ! strenuous exercise hurts but that’s where muscle growth,athletic gains,and fat loss occur. You can do it if you employ faith in fitness. Faith is believing what you cannot see. Everyone has faith in something so trust proven research based methods let effort and less time invested do the rest.

Here are some key tips to increase intensity:

1. Cut rest between sets

2. Drop sets,negatives,super sets etc...

3. Test different methods for 30 day period and make sure you can measure results that’s where you need professional accountability not your self or your gym buddy. We know how to prescribe and measure results.

contact Rick Delarosa for free test drive

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