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Master Your Bodyweight

Knowing your hormones makes you one with your body to make changes you want using the right training methods. Are marathon runners really leaner than sprinters? No because they train low intensity long duration and this method burns both fat and muscle. “ A study in Medicine and Sports and Exercise compared one group doing standard Aerobic zone training while another group did interval training. Despite exercising longer and burning the same amount calories,the Aerobic group burned less body fat than interval workout!“ So, embrace body weight training using training methods that work like my personal max method based on the 1RM or 1 rep max to determine any body weight move you can perform with good form until fatigue then based on goal endurance,size or strength just take a percentage of total reps. Tabata is a timing method that combines aerobic and anerobic intensity 8 rounds of 20 second reps x 10s rest then repeat. There are many other ways to train but all should have proven research to prove a given method actually works! I always use methods based training when I evaluate progress because both me and my client can experience improvement or not then be able to make adjustments if needed. Same with nutrition, you have to have some system to measure progress like the 10 commandments of eating that can determine exactly what needs to be addressed and a proper habit approach to use in a given circumstance. By having nutrition and exercise methods to evaluate and prescribe direction success is achieved! For more details visit

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