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Medical Fitness: What?How? Why?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Our society seems fine with taking pills to manage disease just listen or watch your favorite media outlet. I personally cringe when I hear “ Talk to your doctor about …fill in the blank! I’m not against traditional medicine but really most acute or chronic disease can be treated using “Medical Fitness or Fitness medicine “ @, I take a less travelled but emerging path. Sadly, persons with chronic disease or disability do not recieve full benefits of preserving functionality and well-being following traditional medicine by itself. Since the 1960s exercise has been promoted as a method of extending life, largely through prevention and moderation of cardiovascular disease. But in the 1980s, research and clinical application for exercise expanded to populations with a variety of chronic diseases and disabilities, for whom exercise more fundamentally related to quality of life. Perhaps the greatest potential benefit of exercise is its ability to preserve functional capacity,freedom, and independence.

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