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Muscle Up!💪

With covid still hanging around,building muscle is your protective armor. More muscle helps you fight off illness! First, muscle promotes a stronger immune system. As muscle contracts, protein is pumped into the bloodstream and some of them act as hormones that infuse protective immune medicine.

Second, Getting protective! “. A recent study in the journal ( Aging Cell) found that people who bicycled regularly throughout their lives had more plentiful immune cells thanks to their muscle quotient. This means active muscle produces hormones that maintain the size of the thymus-the organ that produces T cells-which protect against cancer and IL-6 protein that directs a natural killer cells to tumor site during exercise. So same process for any invading virus or infectious disease.

Third, your muscle management plan. “ According to the American College of Sports Medicine recommends 2-3 resistance training sessions a week should keep your muscles in germ fighting form”. Keep reps between 8-12 and do 3-6 sets. Both cardio and resistance exercise can produce a immune boost but must be customized for best results. For specific guidelines visit

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