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Nutrition And Exercise The Best Medicine?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

“Tom Shicowich’s started feeling numb in 2010, he brushed it of as a temporary ache. At the time, he didn‘t have health insurance ,and put off going to the doctor. The toe became infected,and he got so sick in bed for two days assumed it was the flu. When he finally saw a doctor, the physician immediately sent Shicowich to the emergency room. Several days later, surgeons amputated his toe, and ended up spending a month in the hospital to recover. Shicowich’s lost his toe because of complications of Type 2 diabetes as he struggled to keep his blood sugar under control.” He was over weight and on diabetes medications, but his diet of fast food and convenient, frozen processed meals and pushed his disease into life threatening levels.”

( Alice Parks ) Time magazine.

Tom started eating fruits,vegetables,lean meats, and low sodium options. In the first year, Shicowich lost 60 pounds, and lowered his A1C level from choosing the right food options. In my practice of “ Fitness Medicine “, a story like Tom’s is common place. Your health is directly affected by how you sleep, exercise, and how you handle stress and, yes what you eat! When you consider food as medicine, and teach people how to chose, shop and prepare the right foods based on goal or condition, it can end up being more impactful than drugs.

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