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Protein! Are you up to date?

More than likely you are not! Not only can you add and preserve muscle but prevent certain ailments if your on the right track. Lack of protein leads to serious disease and injury. “ Your body is made up of mostly protein and water. We all know the importance of water, but often miss the importance of protein. The functions of nerves,hormones,brain transmission,blood production,immune defense,digestion,all tissue growth and repair are directly related to protein consumption.” Priscilla Ball,RN

Its starts with a simple muscle pull or tendon irritation then grow into more consistent strains and sprains. Poor sleep,multiple colds,a flu that just lingers and chronic aches can be related to a protein deficiency.

Moving forward, basic recommendation is 1-2g per pound of body weight and over age 65 little less. The best sources are hands down real food like eggs,fish,poultry,and lean meats. Plant based options like nuts,seeds,rice,grains,dairy,and soy products are not complete and do not absorb in the body completely so mutual supplementation would be needed. You do want a balance variety of protein sources so don’t abandon plant based !

A short snippet for the fat loss crowd, it’s best to eat 5-8 small meals this includes snacks which are just small portions! The key reason is protein helps stabilize insulin levels to regulate blood sugar for all you diabetics out there and mostly to activate fat loss and preserve and grow muscle💪 Oh huge ! Workout on an empty stomach to put the stuff you can pinch to work for you instead of using circulating blood sugar for fuel. Eat after you workout and avoid relying on powders ” There are basically 4-5 companies that wholesale protein powder around the world. Take away point is you wont get full amount absorbed due fillers unlike real food you get what your body can absorb.

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