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Sleep 101

What? Sleep deprivation lowers satiation hormone leptin that increases hunger hormone ghrelin! This sleep problem is very common and will undermine the best nutrition and exercise programs!!! " Research shows that when you lack sleep you're more likely to reach for fat laden surgary foods" AARP mag Dec/Jan 2023 p25

Solution, create a sleep schedule. Following a schedule will train your sleep cycle. Consistency of sleeping more than 6 hours are the key factors in their ability to lose fat.

Sleep 101 check list :

  1. Go to bed and wake the same time at least 4-6 days in a row.

  2. No caffeine after 2p.

  3. No alcohol 3 hours before bed.

  4. Get 15 minutes sunlight every morning.

I teach this same method and hold you accountable until mastered as the foundation for my 10 commandments of eating ! Visit

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