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Slow Aging! Prevent Falling!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Age related slowing reflects changes in the neuromuscular system. Beginning at about age 60, humans enter a string of structural changes causing loss of power ( ability to generate force quickly) and a loss of functional mobility. Losing power with age called dynapenia ( Clark & Manini 2008). Eventually, dynapenia advances to changes in muscle structure weakens it so it makes sense to use exercise to reverse this common process that can cause falling hence slow down this aging type cause.

Focus on skill development that helps the brain create new cerebral synapses. Apply overload principle by adding complex movements geared towards everyday activities like putting food into the microwave taking it out and carrying it back to the table which is a major task for seniors or just stepping on the scale in your bathroom then stepping off can and has caused falling incidents in some of my senior cleints. The list is actually endless yet to those of us healthy younger individuals its a no brainer! Think about your parents or grandparents that you will eventually or are currently dealing with concern about falling and having to deal with the consequences afterwords. I find myself working more and more with injury care and prevention with my senior cleints and it also hits home personally for me as a coach my mother recovering from a recent fall just trying use a step ladder to get something out of her closet and now in a rehab facility desperately wanting to just come back 🏡

What I do is ask my cleints which activities they struggle with because that is a major fall waiting to happen then design and customized nutrition and exercise program to build muscle endurance,size and strength as fitness medicine to treat the cause. For more details or a free fall prevention checkup visit my website:

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