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Smart Aerobics

Walking improves brain function!

Aerobic exercise like walking grows new brain cells, boosts creativity, improves mood resulting in a brain refreshing bath of serotonin,dopamine,and endorphins. Hence, mental weight training!

Aerobic exercise like walking creates BDNF( Brain derived neurotrophic factor) that preserves existing brain neurons and generates new ones!!! " Perhaps the most exciting finding is that aerobic forms of exercise [ including walking] likely help facilitate the growth of new of new neurons, says Patrick Smith,associate professor of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill." Don't forget the standard endorphin release exercise uses as medicine. Stop popping 💊! Exercise is medicine that only exercise pros can prescribe so seek out Medical Fitness pro. Quick example, only 4000 steps per day can provide healthier brain tissue in the hippocampus, your brain's memory bank. Buy a step counter or wearable device to for instant tracking and accountability.

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