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Smart Fat Loss🙏💪

1. HIIT Fat off! High intensity burst cardio because you burn 🔥 calories during and after workout

2. Sleep it off! Modest amounts of sleep causes increased intake of processed sugar , which disrupts sleep. ". You simply eat yourself awake", Says Dr. Christopher Winter M.D. , A Sleep-Medicine doctor."

3. Fast it off! Obese people who followed a 16 hour fasting schedule and eating only an 8 hour window lost fat without counting calories, " According to a 2018 study in Nutrition and Healthy Aging."

4. Chew of fat! Like protein, fiber has the power to satisfy. High fiber foods take more time to digest but also tend to have high water content like: Oranges,tomatoes,and grapefruits. Plus water helps fill you up. Try ice cold water because it stimulates your nervous system. You then eat less and lose fat!

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