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Still Have Back Pain? Take A Glutcation

We can thank our prioritized sedentary lifestyle and inadequate training for letting our largest, most metabolically active muscles turn into old pillows. “ No matter what sport or day-to-day activity you’re doing, good glute strength is crucial for endurance,power and pain prevention, “says Jordan Metzl,M.D.,a sports medicine physician in New York City.

A majority of my senior cleints suffer from back pain and feel unstable and I’m certain this applies to anyone still struggling, need to do more than just core work to leave nagging back pain in the rear view mirror.

“ A weak butt puts more pressure on your lower back,knees,hamstrings, and hips,increasing likelihood of a strain,” says Dr. Metzl.

Your glutes are the largest muscles in your body, so working them has huge calorie-burning benefit. Before summer ends Glutcation in town or out just Visit for a free glute trip plan. Come back pain free.

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