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Supercharged Sleep

  1. Pray upon waking tell God how you feel! Prayer is your Sheild 🙏

  2. Read your owners manual ( Bible) or find bible app get a word of the day and use it as a weapon to fight whatever may come your way. “ A daily meditation practice has been shown to affect the entire being-body and mind, with changes to the brain’s architecture, regulation of HPA stress axis and alteration in hormone secretions, meditation increases slow wave states of NREM and enhances REM cycles, thereby improving the quality of sleep “. ( March-April 2020 Fitness Journal. pg21).

  3. Exercise! Boosts immunity, improving cardiovascular function, enhances mood and metabolism promoting better sleep.

  4. Bed time : Go to bed same time and wake up the same time 4-6 days straight. No blue light( tv, computer devices, bright lights,1-2 hours before bedtime. Don’t nap before bed. Keep room temperature about 65deg Fahrenheit. Avoid sleep aids use foods like bananas etc. If alarm is needed, don’t press snooze!

This a beginning bed time routine and like any other routine, practice for 4-6 weeks. Of course you may need different options but I can help you find a solution that’s best. All else fails, get sleep study

Visit for more details and professional accountability

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