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Sweet Pain!

As little as 2 teaspoons of sugar can trigger inflammation and ignite blood sugar levels!

Even though inflammation is the bodies reaction to assault or injury, sugar excess will cause painful blood sugar effects that will never stop until change in diet and proper exercise is implemented.

The human cell is like a small pond in its fragile little ecosystem surrounded by water and its protective coating of fat and protein. Furthermore; if you don't eat proper types and amounts of fats and proteins, inflammation will still exist. Protein builds and maintains every cell in the body so poor nutrition has to be addressed! End result, cell death!

Blood sugar is elevated directly according to amount if sugar intake and saturated fat contains the fatty acid arachidonic acid and is converted by arthritic joint issues.

Start fine tuning by cutting back on sugar and saturated fats along with plenty of alkaline water but visit for expert advice and accountability to remove that sweet tooth of a pain your dealing with 🙏💪🏋🏻‍♀️

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