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Weight lifting reverses aging!!!

Either you grow or decay! If you stop lifting weights your decay begins within 5-7 days for most individuals. Most believe that weakness , fatigue, and low libido etc is normal part of aging! Wrong! According to Jonavan Mathers and Duane Darwin Authors @ On Fitness fitness, nutrition, health & science magazine, “ All hormones are impacted and affected by weight training which unleashes powerful growth stimulus that far surpasses any imitation hormone therapy. Hormones released from resistance training determine muscle growth, skin texture and tone, build bone, and repair damage. These hormones include growth hormone, IGF-1, and testosterone.” Weight training, unlike other forms of exercise, will not only keep us from losing our valuable growth producing hormones in the first place, but it can replace them once their gone regardless of age! Seeing the affects of resistance training on preventing and reversing muscle loss and maintaining growth hormone production, bone loss, skin tone, sexual potency, and brain function are also greatly improved.

Finally, my personal favorite and training focus with my senior cleints is avoiding falls because resistance training is the only true means of building muscle and bone, while at the same time developing functional parameters of balance and coordination to avoid falls.

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