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What you eat matters!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

As always, use your shield or appropriate prayer to apply to this war! Yes it’s an all out war especially during special occasions. The Bible, your owners manual has great weapons like “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Philippians 4:13. Now your ready to fight food cravings that are really drug effects on the mind depending on the food or drink. Just like alcohol, drugs, and caffeine affect the brain so blame food not yourself! No matter your struggle, now you actually can win!

Let’s look briefly at key food enemies. Sugar. Does it call your name? It triggers the release of opiates in your brain that act like endorphins that are result exercise high. In turn, “ These opiates trigger dopamine release that gives that pleasurable feeling” Neal Bernard,MD Cleveland Clinic. Sugar will over take you!

Chocolate, has opiate effect. Its no bad compared too sugar. A little dark chocolate 70% or more may even provide health benefit.

Cheese. Huge development and supply of plant based options are available. Why is cheese really one of the strongest captors? Dr Bernard believes a chemical called “ Casomorphins” an opiate, actually constipates you if you over eat it and seems to have a narcotic affect. Dairy can imprison you because of casein found in plentiful amounts. Are you a POW? Meat. You guessed it opiates surround you making you surrender! It’s not grill marks or the greasy fat dripping if the meat but opiates! Do you see the common factor here? I’m not saying you need to jump on the vegan bandwagon but you will pay a far more expensive price than those who chose more plant based options. It’s up to you I’m just praying you make better choices using my 10 commandments of eating is a great place to start visit

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