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Flexible Mediterranean Diet can?

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

It’s no secret! The right food choice can impact your health even replace drugs to prevent,treat and cure chronic disease. Seven basic layers consist of 1. Unrefined carbohydrates 2. Fruits,vegetables,nuts,beans and other legumes. 3. Olive oil. 4. Cheese and yogurt in small amounts. 5. Fish,eaten more than other meats,in about 4 ounce portions several times a week. 6. Chicken,turkey,and eggs 3-6 ounce portions a few times a week. 7. Red meat,veal,pork,lamb or goat ( local when available) few times a month.

This is more than a diet. It is way of life or a lifestyle and because it can be customized as needed, the above is presented in very basic layers. If you were ever to really investigate,you would find these people in the Mediterranean countries do not usually have a gym membership! They usually walk everywhere including work. As for eating,they talk and laugh,and take their time. Most of us in America scarf are food down in ten minutes or less and often while driving or watching TV. I am guilty and making an effort to change. Maybe you had a parent or grandparent tell you to slow down and chew your food. They were right! Chewing your food 30 times is the best for digestion and food absorption. Eating at a slower pace is a eating habit strategy I tell all my cleints to help control hunger. This way of eating is not easy but think of it as drug free medicine,that if you are willing to make small reasonable habit changes,you can avoid and defeat disease. What do you have to lose?

True cleint story, Kathy came to me suffering from osteoarthritis in her hands. I put her on a flexible Mediterranean type diet with modifications that started with a simple inflammatory foods test to identify any food or drink that had to be eliminated for up to four weeks. It took only took two weeks, during elimination test, to stop the pain and stiffness. To this day,as long as she avoids diary and processed/ fried food, she is cured no more meds.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in my mission to promote exercise and nutrition is the best medicine. Take the road less travelled and visit

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